Building your own home is a huge endeavour, with plenty of decisions to be made. One of the most important is the type of home you’re going to build. At Construction4U, we separate our designs into three main categories: practical, stylish and smaller.


Our practical style covers modern, practical homes that are designed to make living easier than ever.  We take into consideration elements like exposure to sunlight, ventilation, privacy and the function of each space, bringing them together in homes that appear to be architecturally designed.

In our Wellington home, all living spaces are situated at the rear of the property to ensure full morning to evening sun.A dual indoor and outdoor living space is enhanced by an outdoor bar, while a study nook and scullery mean there’s room for the everyday activities of the entire family. 

Meanwhile, our Plenty home is versatile enough to include multiple unique details, depending on your needs and budget.Outside, we can install privacy lourves, awning shades and perimeter extrusions. Meanwhile, we can also add an extra study room, a larger master bedroom and additional storage options in the interior.

A practical style is a great option for a low-maintenance home that works with your lifestyle, instead of against it.

The Wellington. A practical home design.


A stylish home goes beyond the practical to include bold and luxurious details that catch the eye and enhance your everyday. These range from the large-ticket items, like an emphasis on floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of surrounding views, to smaller details, including the installation of a workbench within a garage. Other applications could be spacious ensuites, the inclusion of walk-in wardrobes or precisely designed indoor-outdoor areas that take advantage of the sun.

This type of home style is often inspired by a contemporary aesthetic, with the option to include a wide range of cladding and colours to suit your design preferences. As such, it has the potential to work with numerous architectural styles, whether modern, traditional, farmhouse or even Hamptons!

Due to the nature of its materials and design, a stylish home is often more expensive than a practical home and will have a longer timeline. However, this doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable – in fact, for those looking to live luxuriously, it’s the preferred option.  

The Entertainer. A stylish home design.


Should you be limited by the size of your block or you are downsizing to suit your lifestyle, why not consider a smaller home style? These are specifically designed to take advantage of every square metre of space, working in both shallow and narrow spaces. Smaller home styles utilise features such as shifting ceiling heights, innovatively positioned walls and seamless indoor-outdoor areas, to create the illusion of space. Covered entertaining areas, united through sliding windows and doors, help to expand the living areas, providing a year-round option for dining.

A small block can also serve as the perfect host for a two-storey home. Our Richmond design offers open-plan living with two ceiling heights, dual living spaces and a master bedroom that’s positioned for the view. This is a great option for those who want to live in style, but don’t have the room to spread out.                                                                    

Should you find yourself building on a difficult or narrow block, the smaller home style is worth exploring. It combines all the elements of a stylish home with the added functionality of a practical design, compacted into a smaller space!

The Salamanca. A smaller home design.


Thinking about designing and building your dream home? Get in touch with the friendly team at Construction4U to find out how we can help.

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