Building your dream custom home or a home renovation is a long and often complicated process, but it doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, when you build with an expert team like Construction4U, the building process can be collaborative, interactive and enjoyable.

Many custom builders, including Construction4U, offer a design and construct service, making them like a one-stop building shop. This service aims to streamline and speed up your building journey, creating a single point of contact and accountability so you can relax and enjoy bringing your new home or renovation to life.

What is design and construct?

Design and construct is a comprehensive service that sees a builder work closely with the client and architect or building designer to simplify the building process. It means there's a single point of management and contact for the whole project, who can oversee everything from design to council approvals, engineers and contour surveys etc.

As a client, you'll work with the same project manager all the way through the design and construct service and they can answer questions, work through design choices and provide updates (we do fortnightly updates), budgeting advise & practical building solutions. Their extensive knowledge means your project is more likely to run smoothly, with no delays between all the different moving parts, such as suppliers, architects, consultants and trades.

What are the benefits of engaging a builder with a design and construct service?

A design and construct service means your builder is a one-stop shop who can look after absolutely everything involved in building your new custom home or renovation. Engaging a builder with this service early on in the building process means you'll receive an accurate design and costings service that matches your budget and vision.

A design and construct builder will also give you regular estimations of cost at key stages:
* Concept stage
* Development Approval stage (for Council)
* After construction drawings have been drawn up

There's nothing worse than working with an architect or building designer to create an amazing design and then getting it costed and realising it's way out of your budget. It wastes your time and your money. While architects and building designers are great at drawing up your vision, they are not trained in costing.

Even if your design does fall within your budget (most don't), having to then take and explain these plans to a builder can be stressful and takes precious time away from your build. Having a builder engaged from the beginning means you'll only ever need to chat to one party about design, construction and any other concerns.

We recommend talking to a few builders and then narrowing down your choice to the one with the best reputation, excellent communication and practical ideas.

A builder will be able to provide precise costs, confirm timelines and offer advice on the feasibility and buildability of your design, ensuring there are no roadblocks further down the line. Involving a builder early on also reduces the risk of miscommunication or conflict, as you're dealing with just the one person throughout. They'll be able to oversee timelines and ensure that everyone is on the same page, meaning your project should run as smoothly as possible.

What are the potential cons?

When you engage a design and construct builder, you won't be able to use the company's plans and shop it out to other builders. If the builder does all the work to get you to a point to build, they will expect to be rewarded for the work they put into it. There are also copyright laws to protect the plans.

The builder should also have a sound reputation in the industry. Otherwise you do not know what and who you are getting. Check their reviews and references carefully.


If you're looking for a one-stop building shop when it comes to the design and construction of your brand new home or home renovation, get in touch with Hobart’s best custom home builder and renovator – Construction4U!

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