Join our team at Construction 4U

Our vision is set on building houses that allow our clients to know their home has been built with  attention  paid to their every detail, and with the best quality  workmanship and highest quality  materials that will sustain  more than a lifetime.

Why you should work for Construction 4U?

At Construction 4U, we promote a supportive and positive work environment where all contributions are valued;

We are committed to seeing you develop and reach your full potential, inline with your skills and interests;

We treat all our team with respect and as people, seeking long term, professional outcomes;

You'll be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and challenges in the work environment, which will develop your immediate and future potential;

Helping to achieve our vision

To achieve our vision, we only hire the best - so at Construction 4U we are committed to offering young people the chance to learn through a building apprenticeship.

Through completing an apprenticeship with Construction 4U, your career options may range from employment - to owning your own business.

Completing your apprenticeship will see you develop a range of skills that will allow you to build new homes, deliver high quality renovations and learn more about the building process.

Think you've got what it takes?

A career in the building industry with Construction 4U may be the key to your future.

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